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  • Automotive


    The car driving in the complex en vironment, including temperature, humidity, solar radiation, sand, rain, vibration movement, collision, shock, battery voltage fluctuations, etc. Automotive electronic components must be environmentally tested before being put into service....

  • Aerospace


    Aerospace parts component test, such as vibration test, high and low temperature test, humidity test, Xenon lamp/ UV aging test, thermal shock test, and other mechanical and chemical tests.Aerospace components require a combination of high-precision test data and a lot of mathematical analysis, which is the key factor to ensure product quality....

  • Electronics


    Performance testing of electronic products, such as, drying, temperature and humidity test, vibration test, drop test, universal tensile testing, UV / Xenon lamp / Steam / LCD aging test, thermal shock test, vacuum test, IPX water proof / dust sand test, Salt spray test, etc....

  • Defense


    Defense security equipment includes space shuttles, nuclear submarines, electronic cameras, satellite detection, etc. Defense security equipment will use these machine to do test,such as salt spray test chamber,LCD aging test chamber,water proof test chamber....

  • Semiconductor



  • Communication


    Communication equipment includes mobile phones, computers, modems, radio stations, satellite phones, etc.These communication devices will use the machine to test the aging degree, fatigue aging degree, waterproof performance, dustproof performance, etc....

  • Lithium Battery

    Lithium Battery


  • Materials


    Materials include metal materials, non-metal materials, and polymer materials. Such as steel, rubber, plastic, fiber, etc., inorganic materials include glass, cement, ceramics, etc....

  • Laser Device

    Laser Device


  • Instrumentation



  • Pharma & Food

    Pharma & Food

    Pharma stability test, pharma storage, such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure, light, gas concentration and other environmental conditions must be controlled and monitored, Results and Conclutions to ensure the steady quality of drug. Food can used machine to dry the moisture of the food; test the shelf life of the food; dry into snacks, or frozen food etc. Refrigerated food refrigeration temperature should range from 5 to 15°C to keep food fresh. Food drying temperature is genera...

  • University Laboratory

    University Laboratory

    In different countries, there are many laboratories to provide the test, calibration service to their local clients. We can supply the climate test equipment, which are involved in temperature test, humidity test, vibration test, water resistance test, dust resistance test, drop test. One-stop purchasing service saves the users time and cost....

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