• Climate Chamber With Vibration Combined Test

Climate Chamber With Vibration Combined Test

  • Climate Chamber - Climate Chamber With Vibration Combined Test
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Vibration Climate Combined Chamber (Vibration Environmental Chamber) is the test equipment combined with electrodynamic vibration tester so that vibration test can be done under different temperature and humidity. The electrodynamic vibration tester can provides vertical vibration, slip table for horizontal vibration. It is suitable for aerospace products, information electronic instrumentation, materials, electrical, electronic products, various electronic components.


  • A comprehensive test environment that simulates three environmental factors in the same chamber.
  • High performance, fast temperature variability.
  • Can be used as a separate temperature/humidity test chamber.
Model YTHV-216 YTHV-343 YTHV-512 YTHV-720 YTHV-1000
Inner chamber size W×H×D(cm) 60×60×60 70×70×70 80×80×80 90×90×90 100x100x10
Testing temperature range -70℃,-60℃, -40℃, -20℃, 0℃~150℃, other temperature is available.
Testing humidity range 20%RH~98%RH(low humidity10%RH~98%RH或5%RH~98%RH can be customized)
Temp.humi.fluctuation ±0.3℃;±0.5%RH
Temp.humi.uniformity ±2℃;±3%R 30min
Temp.humi.resolution 0.01℃;0.1%RH
Heating&cooling  time ℃/min Customizable cooling rate requirements
Vibration test table performance
Force 3KN,6KN, 10KN, 20KN, 30KN, 40KN, 50KN,etc.
Frequency range 5Hz~3000Hz
Vibration direction Vertical. vertical + horizontal
Maximum displacement  25mm-51mm (p-p)
Maximum velocity  2m/s
Maximum acceleration  100g(empty load)
Vibration table  Customized with customer's requirement

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