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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Drop tester is a machine designed to test the damage of the product package from falling and to evaluate the impact strength during transportation and handling. It is mainly used to simulate the free fall impact of products during transportation and handling, and to examine the ability of products to resist accidental impact.


  • Can test the surface, angle and edge of the package freely.
  • Equipped with a digital display height indicator and a decoder for high tracking. Therefore, the product can be accurately dropped and the error with the preset drop height is not exceeded 2% or 10mm.
  • Adopt single-arm and double-column structure, with electric reset, electric control drop and electric lifting device, which is convenient to use.
Model YDT-150A YDT-200A YDT-150B YDT-200B
Type Single arm lifting
Test Height 30~150cm 30~200cm 30~150cm 30~200cm
Max. size of specimen 100x100x80cm
Max. weight of specimen 85kg
Overall weight (approx.) About 480kg About 550kg About 480kg About 550kg
Overall size 150x100x225cm
Baseplate size 150x100x2cm
Control mode Electronic control box
Height indicator LCD display shows drop height
Height adjustment Servo motor precision control
Buffer type Oil pressure absorption
Power supply AC 1Ψ 220V60/50Hz

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