• 3 Zones Precision High Temperature Drying Aging Oven

3 Zones Precision High Temperature Drying Aging Oven

  • Industrial Precision Oven - 3 Zones Precision High Temperature Drying Aging Oven
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Precision Oven is applied tothe industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, research units for drying, baking, melting and sterilization test. And used to test its performance in the case of high temperature, thermostat change, such as electrician electronics, automobile and motorcycle, ship, universities, scientific research institutes and other related products, parts and materials.


1. Furnace temperature measuring, instructions and automatic control.
2. With simple operation, the temperature control precision higher characteristic.
3. Attached with two sets of moveable desired to be adjusted high and low at your display.
4. Easy to set temperature, easier to operate.
5. PID control system, double side overheating protection, safe and reliable.
6. Heating is by compulsory circulation ventilation, temperature raising is fast and spread even.
7. The packing of box insulation is molded by silicone, high-temperature enduring & never aged attached with observation view window, easy to be used.
Model YPO-072 YPO-270 YPO-480
Internal Dim.W×H×D(mm) 450×400×400 600×900×500 800×1000×600
External Dim.W×H×D(mm) 870×1200×550 1050×1650×740 1200×1700×840
Temp. Range Room Temp.+10°C~+200°C(300°C)
Performance Temp.Constancy ±0.3°C
Temp.Uniformity ±0.1°C AT 200°C;±1.5ºCAT300°C
Indication Resolution 0.1°C/1°C
Heat-up Time Approx.60min
Material Exterior Cold rolled plate+Baked Enamel
Interior SUS#304 stainless steel plate
Insulation Fiberglass Wool
Systems Circulation Circle Fan
Heating Chrome Steel Strip Wire Heater
Controller Electric Digital Control+S.S.R.
Door Single-Wing
Other Components Environmental Control Indicator Lights,
Experiment Separation Shelves(2 pcs).
Safety Devices Overheating Prevention Circuit breaker,
Control System,Breakdown Indicator Light.
Power Source(K.W.) AC 1Ψ 220V ; 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz

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