• Lamps and lanterns water rain test chamber
  • Lamps and lanterns water rain test chamber

Lamps and lanterns water rain test chamber

  • IP Test Chamber - Lamps and lanterns water rain test chamber
  • IP Test Chamber - Lamps and lanterns water rain test chamber
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


water rain spray test chamber simulates the watet drip environment to test the water resistance and sealing of the
samples during storage, transportation and usage. It is widely applied to electrical and electronic products, lamps and lanterns, electrical cabinet,
electrical components, automobile, motorcycle and its spare parts and other products. It provides the basis to improve the performance of the products.


1. Comply with requirement of IEC60529 standard IPX1 to IPX6 water sproof test.

2. Chamber type structure: chamber body is consisted of test area and mechanical room, IPX5&IPX6 water flush
channel is installed at the back of the chamber body.

3. SUS 304 S.S plate material for inner chamber , cold rolled sheet with white coated color for external chamber,
other parts touched to water is made of stainless steel materials or anti corrosion materials.

4. Water cycle system: burn-in water tank. Use pressure relief valve to drain the extra water.

5. Tempered glass observation window

6 Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance, extending warranty is available.

7 Customization is available & welcomed.
Major Specifications:
Model YSRT-1728-A YSRT-1728-E(IEC-529)(CNS14165)
 Internal Dim.WHD(mm) 1200×1200×1200 1200×1200×1200
 External Dim.WHD(mm) 1750×1850×1300 1750×1850×1300
 Water Temp. Normal Normal

Spray Type

Total water
R1 1.8 IP×1 With in 1--1.5mm/min(In drip box)
R2 3.2 IP×2 With in 3--3.5mm/min(In drip box)
S1 24.5 IP×3 angle±600,R:400mm,1.1L/min
S2 39.2 IP×4 angle±1800,R:400mm,1.8L/min

Preesure of
spray nozzle
(kgf/cm 2 )
R1 0.1 1.Flow rate of the water=0.07L/min
2.IP×3,Radius:400mm,Number or open holes=16,total water flow:1:1L/min.
3.IP×4,Radius:400mm,Number or open holes=25,total water flow:1:8L/min.
*Radius:200mm,R400mm.(For IP×3,IPx4)
R2 0.3
S1 1
S2 3
(RPM)Test Specimen Frame 17RPM 1RPM

   Spray Nozzle Rotation Speed
Swing 60°from vertical for 4 seconds at one time

Swing 180°from vertical for 12 seconds at one time

 Interior SUS#304
 Other Components Chamber lamp.Wiper
casters with Adjusters
Chamber lamp.Wiper,casters with Adjusters
 Power Source [K.W] AC 1Ψ 220V 60/50Hz 4KW

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