• LD integrated aging test chamber

LD integrated aging test chamber

  • Aging Test Chamber - LD integrated aging test chamber
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Applicable to non-metallic materials and rubber products to make aging cracking experiments. Such as PVC, PE, silica gel, rubber and wire and so on. And this function is to promote and sulfur rubber material such as the degradation of pulling and elongation elongation before/after heating calculation rate.


Technical Specifications
1. Quality, high performance with competitive resonable price.
2. Easy operation & maintenance.
3. Swift delivery and careful responsible after-sale service.

Main Features of the Equipment
1. No reaction are shake handshandle, simple operation.
2. With timing function, the temperature control is accurate and reliable.
3. By using high temperature protection intelligent program microcomputer controller.
4. Use a multi-fin, centrifugal level vertical heat exchange circulation system, air change rate can be adjusted to the desire rate.
5. Heating mode for nickel chrome alloy type heating, heating up fast, uniform temperature distribution.
6. Adopt the Imported stainless steel plate.
Detailed Data
Model YTAT-101 YTAT-216
Test area size W*H*D (cm) 45*50*45 60*60*60
Exterior chamber size W*H*D (cm) 105*150*60 120*160*75
Temperature range RT+25ºC~200ºC(300ºC)
Temperature fluctuation ±0.3ºC
Temperature uniformity ±1%ºC
Temp.resolution 0.1ºC
Heating-up time 30 min 40 min
Exterior chamber material Cold rolled steel plate + Paint
Interior chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel plate
Insulation material PU + fiberglass wool
Wind circulation Centrifugal fan air circulation system
Heating system SUS# Stainless steel high-speed heater
Controlling system Button digital display controller
Air exchange rate 5~200 (3~250)/h
Other components Control status indicator, turntable/compartment shelf (2 freely adjustable)
Safety protection device Phase sequence protection, over temperature protection, overload protection
Power supply AC 3ψ380V 60/50Hz
Customization service Non-standard or special requirements are all welcome

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