• Large Volume Standard Nonlinear Temperature Humidity Chamber

Large Volume Standard Nonlinear Temperature Humidity Chamber

  • Climate Chamber - Large Volume Standard Nonlinear Temperature Humidity Chamber
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Large volume standard nonlinear temp. Change testing machinery simulates the changed environment of test temperature with rapid change rate based on linear or non linear, which is used to detect the resistance ability of electronic, automobile, rubber, plastics, aerospace science and technology, military technology and advanced communication equipment and other products in the heat and cold conditon, so as to judge the reliability and stability for the products, improve the products quality and provide the basis for the reliability.


1 New design, easy operation.

2 Imported LCD touch controller.

3 Uniform air supply cycle system.

4 Long axis motor is vertically installed on the top.

5 Bright and spacious observation window.

6 Advanced security protection device

7 Rapid heating-up and heating-down temperature

8 Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.

9 Meet international test standards.

10 Customization is available & welcomed.
Model YICT-225 YICT-306 YICT-408 YICT-800 YICT-1000
Internal Dim.W×H×D(mm) 500×750×600 600×850×600 600×850×800 1000×1000×800 1000×1000×1000
External Dim.W×H×D(mm) 1500×1930×1550 1600×2030×1550 1600×2030×1750 2100×2280×1950 2100×2280×1950
Temperature Range  -70ºC--  -150ºC(KS); -40ºC--   -150ºC(KL); +20ºC--  -150ºC(KR)
Rapid Changes Temp.Range  -70ºC;-50ºC-- +85ºC(KS),-40ºC; -20ºC--  +85ºC(KL),-20ºC; 0ºC-- +85ºC(KR)
Heating & cooling rate 3ºC/min,5ºC/min,8ºC/min,10ºC/min,15ºC/min
Ferformance Temp.Constancy ±2.0ºC
Temp.Constancy ±1.5ºC
Indication Resolution 0.01ºC
Heat-up Time  -70ºC--  -150ºC in 60min;  -40ºC--  -150ºC in 50min;   +20ºC--  -150ºC in 35min
Pull-down Time   +20ºC--  -70ºC in 70min;  +20ºC--  -40ºC in 55min;   +20ºC--  -20ºC in 35min
Material Exterior Stainless steel piate+powder Coated
Interior SUS#304 stainless steel piate
Insulation PU & Fiberglass wool
Systems Cirulation Siroco fan
Heating Heater;stainless-gang Fin-type heat pipe heat pipe heating mode of air circulation
Cooling Airtight compressor+vaporator fins+air-cooling condenser
 Other Components Vacuum glass inspection window, cable port(ø 60mm),control status indicator lights,chamber lamp,
experiment separation shelves(freely adjustable 2pcs)
 Sevey Devices No fuse overload protection, the compressor overheating,over-current, over-pressure,dry heat,
inside the over-temperature warning system
 Power Source[K.W.] AC 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz

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