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LCD Aging Chamber

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Detailed Introduction Parameters


It is applicable for power supply, semiconductor industry, ICs, transistors, diodes, passive components, or electronic product heating aging test. We can provide a complete system integration.


  • It is controlled by industrial control computer. One industrial computer can control multiple devices. All control parameters are set by computer.
  • The temperature slope can be set within a certain range
  • Device date and product baking date are stored in the server for easy recall
  • With barcode scanning input function and error prevention function.
Model YBRT
Inner chamber size (cm) Non-standard depends on customer's specific requirement
Exterior chamber size(cm)
Temperature. range R.T+10℃~+80℃
Performance Temp.fluctuation ±0.3℃
Temp.Resolution ±0.1℃
material Exterior chamber material SUS# Stainless steel/ PVC+power coating
Inner chamber material SUS#304 Stainless steelpalte
Insulation material Polyruethane foam(60mm)
Power supply AC 1ψ220V:;380V60/50Hz

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