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Chemical Salt Spray Tester

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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Salt spray tester, Chemical salt spray tester, Computer controller salt spray tester, Touch screen salt spray tester uses salt fog corrosion way to test the reliability of materials and protective coating to resist salt fog corrosion. It is widely applied to components and parts, electronic components, metal materials protective layer and other industrial products, etc.


1 Entire PP&PVC solid mechanical structure, resistance to hydrochloric acid, heat resistance and never aging, suitable for salt fog copper acetate, etc.

2 Patent nozzle and conical diffusion device makes the fall fog rapidly and evenly. With manual level automatic control mode, the biggest setting time can reach 9990 hours.

3 Have automatic demist device, can clear observe tested products after the experience is finished.

4 Three complete temperature control systems(Saturated air temperature, the temperature in the cabinet, the test liquid temperature) ensure the consistency and standards of the test.

5 Meet international test standards.

6 Customization is available & welcomed.
Model YSST-108 YSST-270 YSST-600
Internal Dim.WHD(mm) 600*400*450 900*500*600 1200*500*1000
 External Dim.WHD(mm) 1250*1050*910 1550*1210*1060 1900*1400*1300
Temp. Range  Chamber Room temp.-- 50ºC,±0.5ºC
Air Room temp.--63ºC,±0.5ºC
 Salt Room temp.--50ºC,±0.5ºC
Saturated Air Pressure(Kg/m) 0.8--2.0
Spray Volume(m/80cm/hr) 0.5--3.0
PH Salt 6.5--7.2
Cu(CH COOH) 3.0--3.2
Exter,/Inter.Material P.V.C & P.P
Systems Salt Spray Veicle Air+acid(base)liquid
 Heating  SUS#304 & #316stainless steel heater+taflon
Controller Hydrometer,salinomerer,fog collector,glassbar
Other Components Digital electronic control+S.S.R
Savety Devices Overheating prevention circult-breaker,dehydration and
overheating prevention mechanism,breakdown indicator light
Power Source[K.W] AC 1Ψ 220V  60/50Hz
1.1 1.5 3.5
Comply with ASTM B-117, B-287,B-380,JIS D-0201, D-0205, H-8681, Z-2371, K-5400

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