• Xenon Lamp Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

Xenon Lamp Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

  • Aging Test Chamber - Xenon Lamp Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Xenon Lamp Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber can be used to mimic natural full sunlight spectrum xenon arc lamp to reproduce the destructive waves of light of different environment, which can be an excellent material for accelerated testing light fastness and weather resistance. Can be used for the screening of new material, improvement of existing materials or evaluate material such as the change of the composition change after durability test. Industry widely used, for example: paint ink, paint, resins, plastics, printing and packaging, adhesive, car motorcycle industry, cosmetics, metal, electronic, electroplating, medicine, etc.


1. Working room, smaple shelf, liner and shell are made from SUS#304, automatic control for inflow.
2. Stainless steel heater is equipped with water-break protection device. It can automatically cut off the power in the humidifying system in the case of water shortage, the finned air heating tube is made of stainless steel materials, the over temperature protection device is installed in the vabinet, can effectively guarrantee test.

Model YXEL-216 YXEL-343 YXEL-512 YXEL-1000
Inside dimensions W×H×D(cm) 60×60×60 70×70×70 80×80×80 100×100×100
Outside dimensions W×H×D(cm) 120×170×110 130×180×120 140×190×130 150×200×140
Temperature range RT~70ºC
Temperature fluctuation ±2ºC
Humidity range 80~98%RH,30~98%RH
Rain duration 0~99.99H(adjustable)
Rain cycle 0~99H(adjustable)
Wave length 290~800nm
Radiation intensity 1000w/m 2±200
Radiometer Standard configuration
Distance between sample holder and lamp 300~375mm
Sample holder Rotating speed 1~5r/min
External chamber material Steel plate with powder coating
Inner chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel plate
Cycling system Single cycle,centrifugal fan,split air duct structure
Control system Touch screen programmable controller
Protection device Overpressure,leakage,phase loss,over temperature,water shortage
Power supply (V) AC 3ψ380V 60/50Hz
Standard device Lamp 1pcs,guaze 1pcs
Test standard GB/T14522-2008,GB16422.2-1999
Customization service Non-standard or special requirements are all welcome

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