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UV Aging Test Chamber

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Detailed Introduction Parameters


UV aging test chamber is suitable for accelerated weathering test of paint, ink, chemical, rubber, paint, adhesive, etc. It can simulate environmental conditions such as ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation and darkness in natural climate. By recreating these conditions, they are combined into one cycle, and it is automatically executed to complete multiple cycles.


  • Black aluminum plate is used to connect the temperature sensor, and the blackboard temperature meter is used to control the heating, and the temperature is more stable. The radiometer probe is fixed and does not require any loading and unloading.
  • The amount of radiation is measured by a high-precision display and measurement of a dedicated ultraviolet radiation meter.
  • Irradiance is not more than 50 W/m2.
  • Illumination and condensation can be independently controlled and alternate cycle control.
  • The independent control time for illumination and condensation and the time for alternate cycle control can be set arbitrarily within 1000 hours.
Model YUV-080
Test area size W*H*D (cm) 40*50*40
Exterior chamber size W*H*D (cm) Depends on the chamber design
Performance Temp.range RT+10℃~70℃
Humi.range 75%RH~95%RH
Rain time (1~9999mins, adjustable)
Rain period (1~240mins, interval adjustable
Light model UV-A(295~360nm), UV-B(280~315nm) optional
UVA/UVB light power 40W(lifetime 1800h)
Irradiance 1.0W/m2 adjustable
Standard specimen size 75*150mm or 75*300mm
Control accuracy ±0.1℃, ±1%RH
System Temp.controller Imported LED digital display PID+ SSR microcomputer integrator
Sensor Perkin resistance PT100Ω/MV
Time controller Imported programmable time controller
Heating system Nichrome heater
Condensation humidification system Stainless steel humidifier
Blackboard temp Metal blackboard thermometer
Water supply system Auto water filling system
Circulating system Quiet motor, multi-vane centrifugal fan
Material Exterior chamber material Stainless steel
Inner chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel
Sample holder material SUS#304 stainless steel
Standard configuration Standard sample holder 24pcs, light tubes 8pcs (UVA/UVB)
Safety protection Leakage, short circuit, over temp., water shortage, over current protection
Power supply AC 1ψ220V 60/50Hz
Operation condition 5℃~+30℃≤85%R.H
Customization service Non-standard or special requirements are all welcome

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