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Salt Spray Test Chamber

  • Salt Corrosion Test Chamber - Salt Spray Test Chamber
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


Salt spray test chamber can evaluate the salt spray corrosion resistance of the material and its protective layer, and the process quality of similar protective layers. It can evaluate the resistance of some products to salt spray corrosion. The product is suitable for testing parts, electronic components, protective layers of metal materials and industrial products.


  • PVC material, corrosion resistant.
  • Button type or programmable touch screen controller are optional.
  • Can do temperature humidity and humidity test at the same time.
  • Customized walk-in spray test chamber
Model No. YSST-108 YSST-270 YSST-600
Test area size(W×H×D cm ) 60×40×45 90×50×60 120×50×100
Exterior chamber size(W×H×D cm ) 107×103×58 138×115×80 170×115×95
Temperature range Inside chamber Temperature RT~50℃,±0.5℃
Air saturated bucket RT~63℃,±0.5℃
Temperature RT~50℃,±0.5℃
Saturated barrel air pressure(kg/m) 0.8~2.0
Falling fog amount(m/80cm/hr) 0.5~3.0
PH Brine PH 6.5~7.2
PH value of Copper acetate 3.0~3.2
Material Exterior chamber material PVC
Interior chamber material PVC
System Spray system Air acid (base) liquid
Heating system SUS#304 Stainless steel high-speed heater
Control System Push-button digital display controller + timer + SSR + PID
Other components Hydrometer, salinity meter, mist collector,glass strip
Safety devies Overheat protection circuit breaker, dehydration and overheat prevention mechanism, overload indicator
Power supply AC 1Ψ 220V 50/60Hz
Customization service Non-standard or special requirements can be customized.

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