How long does it take to replace vacuum oil in vacuum drying oven?

The vacuum drying oven is used for drying and testing products in a vacuum environment. Applicable to the drying of heat-sensitive food materials, the principle and replacement time of the equipment to replace vacuum oil:
The equipment oven is a closed space connected to the vacuum pump and pressure sensor through the vacuum pipe. The vacuum pump works continuously to extract the gas in the working room. The pressure in the vacuum drying oven is less and less than the standard atmospheric pressure. The air intake through the intake valve is balanced with the air extraction, so as to obtain the required vacuum degree. A hand valve is installed in the front stage of the vacuum pump to adjust the pumping volume of the vacuum pump manually. The vacuum pump is equipped with a gas control valve. When the pump is being used to extract steam, make sure the throttle valve is open. If a water chamber is placed in the working room, after the vacuum pump works, the pressure in the vacuum drying oven will gradually decrease, so that the boiling point of water will also gradually decrease. In this case, the water in the water chamber starts to boil and vaporizes into water vapor, which is then removed by a vacuum pump.

The vacuum drying oven is equipped with a condenser in the front stage of the vacuum pump. After the water vapor passes through the condenser, part of the water vapor is condensed into water liquid, and a small part of the water vapor is pumped away by the vacuum pump. With the increase of time, if the extraction of water vapor is too much, the oil in the vacuum pump will be halogenated in about 30 days, and the user can replace it as needed according to the use situation.

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