The temperature of the temperature humidity test chamber is generally control in how many degrees?

The temperature of the temperature humidity test chamber is generally control in how many degrees?The following is the temperature control method of the constant temperature humidity test chamber:


1. Intelligent computer temperature controller, refrigeration system and heating system matching reasonable, using forced air circulation, to ensure the constant temperature of the chamber

2. High precision computer temperature control system with independent multiple temperature sensors;Digital temperature display, can display the real-time temperature inside the chamber

3. Perfect alarm function: high temperature, low temperature, system fault report, power off alarm, sensor fault and other alarm functions

4. Keyboard locking function prevents arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters;Door body with handle

New air duct design, porous air inlet makes the temperature inside the chamber more even.Small temperature deviation range.


Thermostat Features:

1. Electronic temperature controller is accurately controlled, temperature is displayed on large LED screen, and the temperature in the chamber is adjustable from 2℃ to 48℃

2. Independent high-precision sensors are used for control, display and alarm to ensure that the outgoing sensor failure does not affect normal use

3. Microcomputer control, digital temperature display accuracy 1, the temperature humidity chamber is controlled within the range of 2~48

4. Power-on delay protection to avoid the failure of other equipment and lines caused by excessive current caused by simultaneous starting

5. Frost-free design, no manual or automatic defrosting is required

6. Energy-saving lighting makes the inside of the chamber clear at a glance

7. Built-in environmental protection electric button battery, power off alarm

8. Anti-condensation glass door design, with lock structure, safe and reliable, can be used in high temperature and high humidity environment

9. This product can be embedded directly into a closet or wall without taking up extra space

10. Compressor: fully enclosed and efficient compressor is adopted, with balanced operation, low noise and long service life.

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