What are the uses of thermal shock chamber?

The thermal shock chamber is suitable for the safety performance test of electronic components to provide reliability test, product screening test, etc., through this equipment test, can improve the reliability of the product and product quality control.High and low temperature impact test chamber is aviation, automobile, home appliances, research in areas such as test equipment, test and determine the electrician, electronics, automotive electronics, materials and other products, in the high and low temperature test the temperature of the environment impact parameter and the performance after the change, use flexibility, suitable for schools, factories, military industry, research, etc.

Purpose maintenance:

1. The refrigeration system of the cold and hot impact testing machine is the core of the testing machine. Every year, all copper tubes must be inspected to see if there is any leakage of snow, which should be followed by the joints and welding joints

2. When opening or closing the door or taking the test object from the furnace, do not let the object contact the adhesive edge of the door, in order to prevent the damage of the adhesive edge and shorten its life.

3. The ground around the fuselage and at the bottom should be kept clean at all times to avoid accidents and performance degradation caused by large amounts of dust inhaled into the unit.

4. The radiator (condenser) of the refrigerating unit should be regularly maintained and kept clean.The dust sticking condenser will cause the compressor high pressure switch to jump and give false alarm. The condenser in the cold and hot impact test box should be maintained regularly every month. The dust attached to the condenser heat net should be removed by vacuum cleaner or the dust should be brushed by hard brush or blown clean by high pressure air nozzle after starting up.

5. The large-current contacts of the switchboard and the distribution room should be cleaned and repaired at least once a year. Loosing contacts will put the whole equipment in a dangerous working state.When clean, clear use vacuum cleaner to suck indoor dust to get rid of can.

6. Please do not adjust the setting values of the two overtemperature protectors in the distribution box. They have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the protection switch is used to protect the heating tube and humidifying tube from air burning and water shortage alarm.Cold and hot impact test box set point = temperature set point +20℃ ~ 30℃

7. Water inspection and maintenance, water pipe, is easy to plug and leak devices, please be sure to check regularly whether there is water leakage plugging phenomenon, if so, please promptly eliminate or notify the company.

8. When the test product is picked up after the test time arrives, the product must be picked up and put out under the state of shutdown and the staff must wear dry, electric-proof and temperature-resistant gloves.

9. The equipment should be cleaned of internal impurities before operation.

10. The electric room should be cleaned at least once a year. Please use a vacuum cleaner to remove the indoor dust.The exterior of the cold and hot impact test chamber should be cleaned once a year or more, and cleaned with soapy water.

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