Solution of water shortage and leakage for Yuanyao brand climate chamber

Sometimes, we received the feedback of our dealed customers, there is a "humi. EGO alarm" error on the controller, and ask the solution. This passage we would like to talk about the water system common malfunction of our constant temperature humidity climate chamber.

1. The leakage of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber mainly comes from the water circulation leakage and the wet bulb tank.

    A. Water circulation leaking. This mostly comes from the rupture of the stainless steel water tank and the water hoses, so that the gap can be repaired by welding, or the relevant joints can be replaced without leaking the water hoses.

    B.  Wet bulb tank or called gauze tank is leaking. The wet ball tank is located under the wet ball cloth(gauze). For this situation, it is common that the wet bulb tank is inclined and leaks due to uneven ground. This requires replacement of the place where the ground is flat. Of course, this situation should also be investigated from the water inlet. There is an inlet valve when it comes to water supply to the wet bulb tank. It is possible that the inlet valve is opened relative large. In this way, you can try to turn the inlet valve smaller to observe. There is also a mistake that comes from the inside of the chamber. The water level float water cup is placed too high. According to the principle of pressure, the water pressure in the wet ball tank increases and the water overflows. You can contact a professional engineer to adjust the position of the water level float water cup. 

2. The water shortage of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber can be divided into water shortage in the water circulation system and water shortage in the wet bulb cloth(gauze). 

     A. The water circulatioin lacks water. Most of the water shortage in the water circulation is caused by the lack of water in the water tank. In this way, add pure water to the water tank until the water level indicator at the bottom right of the water tank reaches about 80% of the entire scale.

    B. The wet ball cloth(gauze) lackes water. This situation is relatively common. If the humidity continues to rise even when it reaches 100%, the wet ball cloth(gauze) will mostly lack water and lead to humi. EGO alram error on the controller. This is usually because impurities in the water settle on the wet ball cloth(gauze) and lose the water absorption performance. So at this time, see if the wet ball cloth(gauze) is too dirty. If so, just replace a wet ball cloth. If the wet ball cloth is new, there is still such a situation, check whether there is water in the wet ball tank, if not, it is the problem of the water supply circulation system. In this way, check the water pump and the malfunction of the water level float mentioned above. There is also a mistake that operators do not often make that can not be ingored: the wet ball cloth does not soak the lower part of the water in the wet cloth tank. 

If the malfunction of water system still exit, please send email to "", our service team will contact you to solve the problem.

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