• 72L stainless steel oven

72L stainless steel oven

  • Industrial Precision Oven - 72L stainless steel oven
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Detailed Introduction Parameters


ven is suitable for baking, drying and high temperature aging tests for small industrial products. The heating mode of hot air circulation ensures the uniformity of the temperature in the oven. The digital display controller makes the machine easy to operate.


1 Microcomputer electronic digital control, precision&reliability.

2 High temperature endurance&non-aging.

3 Observation view window, easy operation.

4 Forced circulation air, the temperature rise fast, even distribution.

5 PID control, double overheating protection, safety and reliability.

6 Two groups of moving plates can be adjusted height. 9 Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.

7 Meet international test standards.

8 Customization is available & welcomed.
Internal Sim.WHD(mm) 400×450×400
External Dim.W×H×D(mm) 750×1200×550
Temp.Range Room Temp.+10ºC---+200ºC(300ºC)
Ferformance Temp.&Humi,Constancy ±0.3ºC
Temp.&Humi,Constancy ±0.1ºC AT 200ºC;±1.5% AT 300ºC
Indication Resolution 0.1ºC/1ºC
Heat-up Time( min.) Approx.60min.
Material Exterior Iron Sheet+Baked Enamel
Interior SUS#304 stainless steel piate
Insulation Fiberglass Wool
SYSTEMS Cirulation Circle Fen
Heating Chrome Steel Strip Wire Heater
Controller Electric Digital Control+S.S.R.
door Single-Wing
Other Components Environmental Control Indicator Lights,
Experiment Separation Shelves(2 pcs).
Sevey Devices Overheating Prevention Circuit breaker,
Control System,Breakdown Indicator Light.
Power Source[K.W.] AC 1Ψ 220V ; 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz 
Any requested size and TEMP. range(max.1200ºC)will be considered.

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