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Water/Rain resistance test cha
Water resistance test chamber


This is our Water resistance test chamber.

Some details please see as below, Ms. Vickey Huang will not let you down, thanks.


Technical parameters


Model YSRT-1728-A YSRT-1728-E
Inner chamber size (W*H*D) 1200*1200*1200mm 1200*1200*1200mm
Exterior chamber size (W*H*D) 1750*1850*1300mm 1750*1850*1300mm
Water temperature Normal Normal
Spray type Total waterflow(L/min) R1 1.8 IPx1 With in 1~1.5mm/min (In drip box)
R2 3.2 IPx2 With in 3~3.5mm/min (In drip box)
S1 24.5 IPx3 angle +/-60C, R:400mm, 1.1L/min
S2 39.2 IPx4 angle +/- 80C, R:400mm, 
Pressure of spray nozzle (kgf/cm2) R1 0.1 1 Flow rate of the water=0.07L/min
R2 0.3 2. IPx3, Radius: 40mm, open holes=16, total water flow: 1:1L/min
S1 1 3. IPx4, Radius: 400mm, open holes=25, total water flow: 1:8L/min
S2 3 * Radius: 200mm, R400mm (For IPx3, IPx4 only)
Test specimen Frame (RPM) 17RPM 1RPM
Spray Nozzle rotation speed 23RPM

Swing 60C from vertical for 4 seconds at one time

Swing 180C from vertical for 12 seconds at one time


Inner chamber

Exterior chamber

Other components Chamber lamp. Wiper casters with adjusters Chamber lamp. Wiper, caster with adjusters
Power requirements AC 1 # 220V~450V 60/50Hz 4KW
Customization Available

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