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Steam aging test chamber
Portable bath water heater

This is our product: Portable bath water heater

Portable bathe water heater widely used in drying, concentration, distillation, dipping chemical reagent, dipping drugs and biological agents, can be used to water bathe temperature heating and temperature test. The other is a biological, genetic, a virus, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, biochemical laboratory, analysis room an essential tool for education research.

Application in enterprise, medical institutions, universities and colleges, scientific research departments and production units to evaporation, drying, concentration, constant temperature heating.



A: SUS#304 stainless steel inner chamber and exterior material, which has a superior corrosion resistance.

B: Temperature control precision, digital display, automatic control.

C: Easy to operate, safety use.


Technical parameters:


Model YWB-1 YWB-2 YWB-3 YWB-4 YWB-5
Pattern Single 2 rows 6 holes 3 rows 4 rows 5 rows
Working size(W*H*D) 160*160*120mm 480*330*90mm 610*320*110mm Can custom Can custom
Water temp. fluctuations </=0.5 degree
Heating power 500W 600W 700W 800W 900W
Power supply 220V  380V 50/60Hz
Temperature  RT~100 degree +/-1 degree

Usage methods:


1. Must add the warm water so that can cut down the heating time and save electric.

2. Open power switch, power indicator is bright mean get though the power.

3. To set the instrument to the required temperature, bright heating indicator means the power of electric heating tube turn on the heating, when the temperature reaches the required use of the thermometer temperature, wait for a few minutes later, both automatic constant temperature control.

4. The scale on the constant temperature controller is for contrast temperature indication only, it is not a designator temperature scale.


Pay attention matters:

1. Machine sell must be effectively grounded.

2. Please don't turn on the power supply before without adding water, in case of burning of the wire of electric heating tube.

3. Please don't open on the right of the difference between the plates.


Maintenance and repair:

1. Turning off the power after finished the test.

2. Must keep clean chamber.

3. If found that the designator light is not bright, shut off the power supply, unplug it, put in on the right side of the board, such as the fuse or indicator bulb is damaged, replacement of the same specification available.

4. In case of constant temperature control failure, it means the sensor on the controller failure after switch can be use.


Author: Miss Vickey Huang @ Yuanyao factory.


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