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Salt spray tester
Salt spray tester



1.With touch screen

2.Durable hard PVC construction 

3.Easy operation

4.Automatic demisting device

The Salt Spray Tester is used to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment, and test the anticorosion quality of the materials surfaces, and is
suitable for researching materials, light industry, electronics, instrumentation and other industries a variety of products.


1.Spray: using tower spray (spire height adjustable guide), salt fog, fog particle is small, the natural sedimentation; nozzle salt crystallization, sedimentation volume adjustable.

2.Patented nozzle and conical dispersion until ensure even spraying rate.

3.Touch-screen operator control interface.

4.Easy Open’ pneumatically operated canopy.

5.Large capacity floor standing salt solution reservoir.

6.Test duration depends on the specification or the corrosion resistance of the material.

Description Salt spray tester
Model YSST-108 YSST-270 YSST-600
Inner chamber size(W*H*D) 600×400×450 900×500×600 1200×500×1000
Exterior chamber size(W*H*D) 1250×1050×910 1550×1210×1060 1900×1400×1300
Temp Range Inside Chamber Room temp.50,±0.5
Air Room temp.63,±0.5
Salt water Room temp.50,±0.5
Saturated Air Pressure(Kg/m) 0.82.0
Spray Volume(m/80cm/hr) 0.53.0
PH Salt 6.57.2
Copper acetate 3.03.2
Exter./Inner.Material P.V.C & P.P
Systems Salt Spray Veicle Air+acid(base)liquid
Heating? SUS#304 & #316 stainless steel heater+taflon
Controller Hydrometer,salinomerer,fog collector,glassbar
Other Components Digital electronic control+S.S.R
Safety Devices Overheating prevention circult-breaker,dehydration and
overheating prevention mechanism,breakdown indicator light
Power supply AC 1 220v±10% 50/60 Hz

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