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Vacuum oven
Laboratory vacuum oven

This is our vacuum oven, we are manufacturer specialized in testing equipment for years.

Here just introduce simple information to you for reference.

Technical detainls:

A: Abstract of specifications
Item description Laboratory vacuum oven
Inner chamber size 400(W) x 450(H) x 400(D) mm
Exterior chamber size 750(W) x 1100(H) x 550(D) mm
Power AC 3* 380V +/-10% 60/50Hz (adjustable)
Temperature range Room Ambient +10 degree to +200 degree
Vacuum degree 0~ 98 kPa
Temperature control accuracy +/-0.5 degree
Temperature uniformity +/-5 degreee
Temp. rise up time About 60 min from room ambient to 200 degree (Under the condition of oven unloading)
Air leakage rate 1.07 kPa/h
Pressure deviation +/- 0.1 kPa
Ventilation device To break the vacuum is controlled by electromagnetic valve. It takes 30 mins to break the vacuum. Equipped with air inlet filter unit, which can prevent the dust into the casing.
Vacuum pump Equipped with the vacuum pump.
B. Working environment
Surrounding temperature range 0~ +30 degree
Surrounding relative humidity </=85%RH
Atmospheric pressure 0.086MPa ~ 0.106 MPa
Atmospheric air requirements Don't contain high concentrations of dust, and flammable and explosive gas or dust. Without astrong electromagnetic radiation source nearby.
Other requirements The ground level off, the well ventilated. No intense shaking around.

If you want to know more details, please tell us what is your requirements about the vacuum oven firstly, thanks.

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