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Dust test chamber
Dustproof test chamber


Electrical, electronic, automobile, motorcycle and other products parts sealing.


1 Provide a ready-made solution to common dust tests for automotive and electronic industry requirements. 

2 Suspension dust-proof test.   

3 Using large transparent acrylic window, convenient and direct observation internal test condition. 

4 Dust data conform to JIS-DD0207-F2 standard.   

5 Digital setting, easy operation and maintenance.


Description Dust test chamber
Model YSDT-1000-F YSDT-1000-CIEC-529)
Inner chamber size W*H*D(mm) 1000×1000×1000 1000×1000×1000
Exterior chamber size W*H*D(mm) 1350×1950×1350 1350×1950×1350
Testing Type F1 F2 F3 IEC60529
C1 C2
Concentration of dust(mg/m3) Above 60000 Above 3000 Above 100 Above 5000 Above 100
Testing Temperature range 20±15
Humidity Range 45%RH85%RH
Flow rate of dust(m/s) No limited 5m/s 10m/s
Testing Time Swirl time 5S NO
Rest time 15 Minutes
Total time 5H 8H 8H 2H 6H
  Exterior chamber SUS#304+Powder Coated
Interior chamber SUS#304
Other Components Chamber lamp,Wiper,Casters with adjusters.
Power requirements AC 1 220V 60/50Hz 4KW

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