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Aging test chamber
Aging test chamber



1 factory,Taiwan technology

2 Comply with ASTM D2436,JIS K7212,DIN 50011, BS2648, IEC--540,etc 

This product simulates the environment of high temperature atmospheric pressure environment, which is used to heat resistance test for electrical insulation, ventilation aging test of electronic parts, plasticizing product, treatment of mandatory ventilation, etc.


1. Stainless steel SUS#304 made, easy setting operation.
2. Wing diffusion supply air circulation system, fresh air ventilation can be arbitrary adjustment.
3. Internal rotary free dismantling, suspension frame motor speed is 8-10 rpm.
4. Ventilation measurement function.
5. Optional accessories( Temp. Recorder, calibrated rack for 9 points calibration)
6. Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.
7. Meet international test standards.
8. Customization is available & welcomed.


Description Aging test chamber
Model YTAT-101 YTAT-216
Test zone size W×H×D(mm) 450×500×450 600×600×600
Exterior chamber size W×H×D(mm) 1180×1300×750 1330×1400×900
Temperature range Room temperature +10 to 200(300)
Performance Temperature control accuracy ±0.5
Temperature uniformity ±2 to ±3
Temperature resolution 0.1
Heat up time(minutes) 30 40
Material Exterior chamber material Stainless steel plate+Powder Coated
Interior chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel plate
Insulation PU & Fiberglass wool
System Wind Circulation Sirocco fan
Heating system SUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Cooling Imported compressor,finned type evaporator,air-cooling condenser
Controller 7'' touch panel controller
Airchange rate 3 to 250 times/hour
Other Components Vacuum glass inspection window,cable port(60mm),control status indicator lights,chamber
lamp,loading shelves (2pcs for free)
Safety Devices Overheating circuit-breaker,compressor overload protection,control system overload protection,
humidifying system overheating protection,breakdown indicator light
Power supply AC 1 220V,3380V 60/50Hz

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