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High low temperature chamber's fault solutions

Made by Miss Vickey Huang @ Yuanyao overseas department


Today my topic is 'Programmable high low temperature chamber's fault solutions'

 As we all know, every chamber if using a long time, it will have some problems coming out.

Now, we introduce some problems in usually situation.


Firstly, when temperature change don't reach to the testing temperature.

1. Please check the machine systems one by one.  Such as the temperature heating up slowly, you can check the wind circulation system, checking it whether is normal.

2. If the wind circulation system is fine, you can check the wind circulation motor whether is normal.

3. Also if the temperature heating up shock too fast, need to adjust the PID setting parameters. 

4. If the temperature rise directly, over temperature protection, then means the controller is out of order, must change the controller instrument from Yuanyao company.


Secondly, Programmable high low temperature test chamber is suddenly appeared in the process of trial operation failure, the corresponding failure to appear on the control instrument shows that prompt and voice alarm prompt.

1. Operator can check the system with manual until know this problem belong to which one problem, then must ask the professional manufacturer operator to solve the problems. Suddenly appeared in the process of trial operation failure, there are many elements.

If have the failure, please call original supplier to do it.

Note that environmental testing equipment need do regular maintenance, refrigeration system of condenser cleaning on a regular basis.

For moving parts shall be in accordance with the manual lubrication, machine controller system is the same with doing regular maintenance, etc. These works are necessary.


Thirdly, low temperature can't reach the testing temp. index.

1. If the low temperature drops slowly, before doing the low temperature test, checking the studio whether is drying, to keep the studio drying after take the samples into it, indoor test sample is placed too much, so that the wind is not fully cycle. After rule out the reason, you should consider whether is the refrigerating system failure.

2. Temperature has a tendency to recover after temperature to a certain value.

Equipment using the environment is not good, place the environment temperature, placing position and distance of the wall must meet its requirements (in the operation manual).


Fourthly, when doing the temperature humidity test, the humidity value is 100%RH.

1. Maybe caused by drying wet bulb sensor on the gauze. Checking whether water shortages in the wet bulb sensor sink, the sink in the water level is controlled by a water level controller automatically. Checking the water supply controller whether is normal, controlling water work whether the water level controller is normal.

2. Possible the wet gauze using for a long time, or purity of the water supply quality reason, so that making the gauze to harden, as long as the replacement or cleaning cloth, that can eliminate the above phenomenon.

If the humidity test value is lower than setting value.

Mainly humidification system doesn't work, checking the humidification system of water supply system whether has some water in it.

Control humidification water level control of boiler water level is normal, and humidification in the boiler water level is normal. If above everything is all right, maybe that is about to check the electric control system, this problem should call professional maintenance person for maintenance.


Any other questions, please contact us, thanks. :) :)


Miss Vickey Huang


Mr. Jack Lai


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